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  Organizations that learn, lead.


Business must adapt, change and learn to face formidable external challenges, including rapid technological change, accelerating compliance demands, and aggressive competition. The JAB Group links organizational learning with business strategy. We design and develop formal training programs and developmental events that advance knowledge sharing and enhance business performance.

As business consultants, we assess, analyze and recommend new training and development initiatives that advance business performance objectives. Our approach recognizes that people are key points of business differentiation and that collaboration fosters organizational growth. Our mission is to lead individuals and organizations, to learn in any venue: Face-to-face, online or hybrid, mobile  or blended.

As business consultants who focus on optimizing corporate training programs, events and initiatives, the JAB Group identifies key performance indicators and drivers. We examine training and development functions, highlight inconsistencies, and pinpoint areas of training opportunities. 

We use the KYEE philosophy – Know Your Extended Enterprise — to frame the learning challenges and design the optimal training and development solutions. The JAB Group configures corporate training blueprints designed to strategically consider learning across the extended enterprise.  Our focus is on stemming knowledge loss, advancing the organization toward transparency, fostering trust, enhancing communications and strengthening collaboration. The JAB Group assesses, analyzes, designs and recommends instructional design for e-learning environments.

Assess & Analyze

Typically, an organization reviews its current training program as part of an annual performance review, or when something is out of kilter.  Perhaps the firm has been acquired, the industry has experienced substantial change, new competitors have surfaced, and concerns are mounting that boomers are retiring and taking fundamental knowledge with them. The JAB Group identifies and assesses enterprise-wide training initiatives, analyzes the organizational learning landscape, and recommends learning solutions that advance business performance. 

Design & Develop

Based upon its assessments and analysis, The JAB Group designs corporate training blueprints to help the organization achieve its performance and strategic goals. The blueprint incorporates a blended approach to organizational learning from  face-to-face events and focus groups to e-learning and workplace training. We use the ADDIE instructional design model to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate our client’s e-learning programs, manage projects and recommend technical support services, including hosting. We work within a firm’s existing LMS system, or provide suggestions for acquiring a new learning management system. and use our e-learning instructional designers and development contractors to create and deliver custom content — from low interactive asynchronous e-learning courses to highly interactive, synchronous courses.  JAB curriculum design experts, partners and contractors embed interactive elements, videos, music, graphics and assessments to produce engaging content that captures the learners’ attention.

Implement & Evaluate

We evaluate our e-learning and classroom training programs by using Kirpatrick’s four levels of evaluation:

1. Reaction 2. Learning
3. Behavior 4. Results

Learning Across the Enterprise from Soft Skills to Hard Results

This failure is hard to understand since research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center has all concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills). These statistics were extrapolated from a Study of Engineering Education, authored by Charles Riborg Mann and published in 1918 by the Carnegie Foundation. Almost 100 years have passed since this research was released and we are still grappling with how to address the need for soft skills training.

The JAB Group is an authorized reseller of Skillsoft, a global firm dedicated to improving organizational performance through its emphasis on employee learning and development and training.  We offer a full  array of courses, from interpersonal skills that build trust to problem solving and emotional intelligence to I.T. and desktop options, as well as bundled solutions that include organizational assessment, consulting, and workshops to foster learning across the enterprise.       



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