Custom Sales Training

“Secret to a successful professional sales career is to stop selling and start helping”
– Bob Banjac

A salesperson needs  to have knowledge in order to help a client or prospect. They need to know their company’s products/services, its strengths and weaknesses, where they fit well, where they don’t.  They need to know their competitors , their strengths and weaknesses and how overcome push-backs.  Professional salespeople are not born, they are well trained.  An organization can have the best marketing programs and bring in the right prospects, but if you can’t close the sales, your marketing funds are going to waste.


Customized training designed for specific industries and target markets.

                                                              – Training based on professional consultative sales methodology.


The program uses the consultative solution sales approaches.  It focuses listening to customers, understanding their needs presenting the best solution and most important, know when and how to close the sale.  Professional consultative sales methodology will increase your relationship with clients and therefore will most likely increase sales.

  • Develop and deliver custom sales training programs designed specifically for your organization
  • Mentoring programs for new sales representatives
  • Listening skills to identify customer and prospects needs
  • New business development and account penetration strategies
  • Professional networking and lead generation techniques 
  • Alignment of marketing campaigns with sales initiatives