Marketing Audit

“You can easily amass a small fortune using mediocre marketing – You just need to start with a large fortune”.



It is extremely easy to spend money on Marketing, but Investing in marketing is much more difficult.  Using the same marketing strategies but with new agencies or new marketing directors does not lead to better outcomes.  If your organization’s culture is one is which no one can tell  the King that “He has no cloths”and is willing to throws money at the problem, well – we’re probably not a good fit.  But, if you could use some honest advice based on sound marketing strategies and good business sense, we may be able to help.  Give us a call.  It’s a lot more cost effective to spend a little money up front on good blueprints then redoing the building.


Marketing Audit assess the effectiveness of your marketing.

                                                                                   –  What works, what doesn’t and why or why not?


A Marketing Audit is a critical third party’s analysis on the effectiveness of your organizations marketing. Marketing AuditThe Audit  assesses current and historical marketing campaigns and delivers a report which identifies areas of excellence, possible improvements, and potential concerns.  From there we can construct an improvement process where clients can refocus their marketing strategies in order to increase their ROI in marketing. 

In order to us to be fiduciary responsibility to clients, we do not offer services to address the areas of needed improvements. We do provide advice, creative ideas, and project guidance.