Everyone knows that customers matter…but what about employees?

Employees matter, and in a socially-connected world, can reinforce, or tarnish, an organization’s reputation. JAB Business consultants and learning strategists collaborate with our clients to reverse disengagement, focus organizational efforts, accelerate change, while emphasizing the brand promise.

The JAB Group begins by understanding client “pain points,” purpose and people. We apply tools and techniques to assess internal impediments to change, whether they are misaligned marketing messages,brand communication, workplace culture or the enterprise level growth strategy. We focus our consulting engagements on improving processes and performance while aligning formal and informal learning. We outline solutions to the barriers impeding growth including training, events, consulting and coaching–ensuring all is linked to firm vision and values. We offer a full array of learning opportunities from formal to informal to social and digital to face-time events. Our business and learning strategists and consultants are seasoned professionals with expertise in organizational development.

The JAB Group consultants help clients unite external messages with internal communication, and integrate, and infuse, new connections through the enterprise. We foster collaboration, which in turn, fuels the ability to compete in the marketplace and a workplace where transparency is, increasingly, the norm. We call our bundled consulting services: Brand-Boarding.

With the JAB Group’s  Brand-Boarding, a comprehensive external and internal marketing alignment process that breaks down growth barriers by fostering collaboration and leveraging the power of social to engender growth, and to revitalize organizational culture. By engaging in discovery and analysis, and design and development, Brand-Boarding aligns external marketing messages with human resources initiatives, and staff and management training, to ensure that the brand lives what it promises, and delivers on its intentions.