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Our Consulting Services: Organizational Training & Development Blueprint

Our consultants focus on business growth and performance metrics, analyze the existing training and development enterprise, propose recommendations and design a training and development blueprint to accelerate training results. Our JAB blueprint enables firms to develop their own training functions, augment existing capabilities, use the services of the JAB Group, or source its own designers and training contractors.  We adhere to a model that advocates for growth through collaboration and leading through learning.

Growth occurs through successful collaboration–putting two or more people, units or functions—together to produce an outcome that is difficult to achieve when working alone.  Researchers from academe to MIT Sloan School of Management, Accenture, IBM and Herman Miller all agree: Collaboration is the defining characteristic of the 21st century workplace. 

We do know that collaboration begins and ends with mutual goals and is grounded in trust, honesty, integrity and a shared advantage. Collaborative learning today takes many forms: Formal, informal and social. It is connected and collaborative.

To design collaborative learning, we consider the extended enterprise, organizational performance goals, current challenges and opportunities and the scope of the training and development function, identify boundaries and barriers to organizational learning and discern opportunities for change. Our recommendations include standard off-the-shelf training programs, hybrid training with a blend of standard and customized training, or fully customized, unique training courses in an e-Learning environment, with simulations, scenarios, games, synchronous, self-paced, or asynchronous, to stimulate learners, engage employees, and increase employee value and contribution to the organization.

Our Instructional Design & e-Learning Content Development Services: 



JAB provides clients with a training and development assessment, analysis and strategic organizational learning road-map. We can either recommend contract trainers and instructional design firms to our clients, or we can oversee training projects using JAB approved contractors. Content design and development is based upon the organization’s goals and budget.  We ask what employees should know and be able to do—and translate responses into an actionable learning plan with a series of courses, modules and units. Our designers use a variety of authoring tools and are familiar with various LMS environments. They design and develop course content from low to high levels of interactivity to achieve organizational goals—taking into account differences in how generations learn, from traditionalists to millennials. Clients can contract directly with JAB-approved instructional designers or they can rely on JAB to interface with with our contractor teams.

Our Facilitation Services: Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

We believe that face time is more important than ever because it fosters trust. Trust lubricates all relationships and fosters healthy interactions.  Organizations that tweet, text, link, digitize, email, and poke do get results, but face time has no rivals.  JAB partners lead and facilitate (act as a neutral third party)  strategic retreats to team-building events. We  carefully design face time events to accomplish what the organization has set out to accomplish: Build trust, break down barriers and sustain growth through collaboration.

Our meeting facilitators bring together people and processes to advance understanding and to prompt organizational change.  Conducting a well-run meeting demands that the leader wear many hats — providing information, managing personalities and conflicts, keeping people on task, leading the decision making process, and developing consensus.  

Meeting effectiveness can be enhanced by meeting facilitation where a person is designated to manage certain tasks and engage the audience, while the meeting leaders provide information.  This creates a win-win situation where the leader can remain goal focused, while the facilitator controls the time and flow of the agenda.

There are certain situations where meeting facilitators might be most helpful. Meeting facilitators are helpful for long meetings, such as retreats and annual events, where there is a need to keep the energy alive and to facilitate consensus.  JAB can facilitate meetings across the extended enterprise from departmental employees to outside contractors and channel members to explore key issues and to resolve challenges that could serve as potential barriers to the development of effective learning initiatives across the enterprise. The benefits of using JAB facilitators are:

  • Keeps the meeting focused on the agenda.
  • Handles off topic content to keeps the leader from losing concentration
  • Handles distracting behaviors such as side conversations and handles emotions before the meeting becomes to tense. 
  • Insures that all voices are heard – drawing insights from the more introverted, quieting the monopolizers, and
  • Encourages discussions that lead to consensus.  

Our Soft Skills Training Services: 

Soft skills are in high demand by employers, and are now recognized for the value they bring to the organization.  We offer face to face workshops, events, and training classes to advance employee and enterprise understanding and use of soft skills from communication to collaboration and from leading people to mastering emotions.  Soft skills are assessed as part of the JAB consulting services or soft-skill training can be purchased separately.     

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