walkingOrganizations that develop, communicate.

The JAB Group offers turnkey consulting and communication services that range from needs assessment to the design and delivery of instructor led training (ILT), and instructional job aid  materials.  We identify areas of communication silos and propose changes in format, venue and message content.  We deploy qualitative research and focus group methodologies, such as force-field analysis, mind-mapping, cause-and-effect diagramming, SWOT analysis, appreciative inquiry, brainstorming, and nominal group techniques to assess, analyze and correct workplace learning and communication concerns. From face-to-face trust building sessions, to website content analysis to company bulletin boards, newsletters and executive emails, we decipher communication roadblocks and design new communication approaches that work.


Knowledge Capture and Transfer   

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Employees are walking out the door and taking critical knowledge with them–with some experts estimating that 10,000 Boomers retire each and every day. The JAB Group consults with organizations in the throes of capturing and transferring knowledge from retiring baby boomers to Generation X and the Millennial workforce.

We use a process, called DACUM, developed by The Ohio State University. DACUM uncovers the hidden pockets of knowledge, involves key stakeholders to identify what type of tacit and codified knowledge should be retained, and develops methods for retaining and transferring knowledge. Our consultants help clients advance from needs assessment, to stakeholder conversations and decision-making.   

Our consultants protect an organization’s historical knowledge base. Yesterday’s knowledge and skills can be tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

Development happens in the moment 

Development efforts advance employee skills and broaden their perspectives and horizons.  From team building exercises to business scenarios that deepen problem solving skills, development includes coaching, mentoring and training and assessment.  In this Millennial Moment video clip, designed by and filmed by millennial “newbies” it relates what many older employees take for granted, but some folks in Generation Y and Z are just learning. Each moment is a moment of potential development, and the JAB Group prides itself in awakening that moment.