The JAB Group helps organizations to connect, collaborate, communicate and co-market 

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Co-marketing has emerged as a popular way to generate leads, sell more products, and strengthen partnerships. Joint marketing projects can improve results and extend sales & marketing budgets. Successful Co-marketing programs deliver mutual benefit while building on the brand and corporate strengths of each partner.

Simply following the trend does not necessarily deliver the desired results because the dynamics of the relationships can undermine the effectiveness of the partnership. That is why The JAB Group conceptualizes, creates, and implements collaborative marketing programs so that the campaigns are developed and maintained to be evenly beneficial for all parties concerned.

For example, we developed a campaign in which AAA members received discounts at Sherwin-Williams retail paint stores.The program was profitable for both clients, and, as a result, ran for over six years. The Sherwin-Williams marketing director stated, “This was one of the most successful programs we’ve run in years”.